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In order to foster competent human resources who can contribute to the software field that is making amazing advancements as cutting-edge science, the Department of Computer Science is equipped with the latest experimental research facilities that are based on and can support academic theories.

Seminar Rooms There are 2 Seminar Rooms for holding departmental and external meetings and seminars, and each Seminar Room is equipped with the latest multimedia lecture facilities.
Multimedia Lecture Rooms The Multimedia Lecture Room is a room for theoretical lectures for majoring students. It is a state-of-the-art lecture room that is equipped with electronic lecture system such as electronic desks, beam projector, screen, and speakers.
PC Lab The PC Lab is a practical training room that provides separate laptops for exercising programming, etc. It is equipped with facilities that allow use of personal laptops other than the provided laptops, multimedia lecture equipment, air conditioning and heating facilities, etc. Programming classes are held in the PC Lab and it is opened to all students in the department when there are no classes so that the students can utilize the space for personal software-related experiments, research, and assignments.
Multimedia Lab The Multimedia Lab is installed with multiple high-performance PCs that enable various multimedia-related exercises, and it is equipped with multimedia lecture facilities to enable practical training lectures as well.
Embedded Systems Lab The Embedded Systems Lab is equipped with embedded development kit and SoC exercise equipment for embedded design and experiments, and it also enables various experiments related to embedded systems.
Server Room The Server Room houses Sun server, Linux Cluster, Storage server, etc., that are used for exercises and so on, and it is maintained and managed to enable various programming exercises by accessing such servers remotely.
Soft Wonderland
1, 2
They are multipurpose educational spaces designed to enable lectures, exercises, and seminars in one place for handful of members based on cutting-edge lecture support systems.
Open Hub It is space for creative software development and it has been prepared for multi-purposes such as study, discussion, and seminar for students as a part of the SW-centered University Project of the Department of Computer Software. The name of the lab was selected through a contest that gathered students’ ideas.