Department of Computer Science

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Department of Computer Science in Hanyang University is an educational platform for top students as well as a research platform for cutting-edge technology researchers.

Department of Computer Science is aimed toward producing advanced key
human resources in the field of computer engineering and computer science,
which are the foundation of future IT technology, and contributing to the
national competitiveness of Korea. The full-time faculty of the department
is comprised of 25 experts in the field of computer engineering and computer
science, and the teaching staff has formed highly intensive research groups
in fields such as computer systems, databases, networks, algorithms,
artificial intelligence, and image processing.
Department of Computer Science is offering undergraduate, graduate, and
doctoral programs as degree courses, and based on agreements with
distinguished corporations in Korea, scholarship support and employment
partnership are offered for the undergraduate and graduate courses. The
department is enforcing very strict student management to cultivate hands-on
human resources desired by corporations and the corporations are providing
scholarships and employment support so that the advanced talents in the department can concentrate on their studies.
Based on this, Department of Computer Science is providing a solid foundation
for the competent graduates to freely demonstrate their capacity in the right
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