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The world is making innovative changes through software.

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The changes in the world during the last century are clearly different than the changes in past periods. The first and the biggest difference is that there is a change in the macroscopic trend. Just a few years ago, the IT industry was led by hardware manufacturers such as Intel, Samsung, Nokia, HP, and SONY. However, the majority of these companies are known to be experiencing difficulties. On the other hand, the fact that important changes in the IT industry are being led by representative software companies such as Apple, Google, and domestic companies like Naver and Kakao is widely accepted by those who have any interest in the field. The second difference is that the speed of change has become incredibly fast beyond measure. As a result, companies like Nokia that used to have huge influence in the cell phone market just 5 years ago has already lost its dominance over the industry. Instead, representative software companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that were less known before have now become large corporations that have secured the majority of computer users as their members.

Here, we can see the potential and infinite development possibilities in software. The added value of software has proven that it can overshadow added value of hardware. It also showed that the changes led by software are much more dynamic than the changes led by hardware.

Although software creates many values through integration with hardware, it is closely related to almost all industries and daily life. It implements the Internet and mobile services that provide us with differentiated convenience as well as network games and new multimedia contents that we enjoy. In addition, it enables smart services and efficient operation of relevant infrastructures that maintain our society such as transportation, finance, national defense, environment, energy, and entertainment. Software has already begun playing the key role in the global industry and it is self-evident that such trends will gain more momentum in the future. Therefore, creative human resources who can develop and create software will play a significant role in the development of the future world. As a result, we are entering into an age where human resources who not only have academic and expert knowledge of software, but also creative problem solving and practical skills comprehensively will play a crucial role in our society. In order to foster expert computer software human resources who are equipped with such creative problem solving and practical skills, Department of Computer Science in Hanyang University has prepared and is implementing educational curriculum centered on innovative projects and has newly established the latest educational environment, cutting-edge lectures, and labs so that the students can learn diverse theories and knowledge based on computer engineering as well as practical software development ability that can implement innovative services. In addition, the department plans to present a representative model for not only improving the development of high-quality software human resources by operating diverse programs for enhancing teamwork and leadership, but also for boosting creativity through intensive learning and training.
As Hanyang University has been in the forefront of science and technology advancement and global environmental changes, it is now leading the way to fostering high-quality software human resources who will change our future.
We hope you can achieve your dreams of becoming global leaders who will open the future with Department of Computer Science, Hanyang University.

Prof. Taesoo Kwon

Chair of the Department of Computer Science