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Educational Goals

The goals of the Department of Computer Science are to foster creative and converged human resources who can apply new technologies to problem solving and have practical skills for responding to problems in the industry as well as international competencies appropriate for the global environment, which are based on the basic theories in the computer/software field and core knowledge in the major.

Fostering Demand-oriented Creative/Convergence Software Human Resources

Ultimate Goal
  • Foster software engineers who have in-depth expert knowledge in software specialization field
  • Foster practical expert human resources who have practical development abilities in the software industry
  • Foster creative software experts who create new knowledge by converging diverse fields
  • Foster global human resources who are equipped with global leadership and communication competence
  • Development of Expert Knowledge

    Operation of enterprise and embedded software tracks that meet the demands of the industry

  • Reinforcement of Practical Competence

    Practical cooperation-type exercise/
    intensive courses

    Fostering Open Source Software utilization ability

    -Project Liaison

  • Improvement of Creativity

    Diverse project/liberal arts/convergence/
    mentoring courses

    New establishment of software convergence major courses

  • Development of International Competencies

    Expansion of international collaboration education, global software internship and hands-on training

Software Education
Innovation in HYU

The Necessity of Educational Innovation for Fostering Software Human Resources


  • Increasing Importance of Software Development Human Resources

    Emergence of leading global software companies

    High interest in the domestic software industry

    High value-added industries that require intellectual human resources

  • Insufficient Practical and Adaptation Ability

    Insufficient supply of high-quality human resources equipped with practical abilities

    Uniform curriculum centered on theories

    Necessity of programs that can reflect global trends and foster international human resources

  • Demand for Software Human Resources in Diverse Fields

    Differences in demand between Internet-based industries and manufacturing-based industries

    Differences in problem solving methods and skill sets depending on the fields

    Increase of importance in the ability to utilize Open Source Software